Why Bitcoin is Undervalued

There are two reasons that spring to mind as why Bitcoin is undervalued. The first is based on ByteTree’s live metrics, which see its worth just under $40,000 today. The second is where it is going. Having studied Bitcoin since mid-2013, I was always bullish that great things would eventually happen. I’m not just pointing to the rising price, but the real-world applications. Since this subject is 10x more important than the recent price dip, and therefore buying opportunity, I’ll cover it first.

The history of the internet according to Mark

Buy the dip

Hopefully, most of you will see the recent price correction as a buying opportunity. I highlighted the heightened risks last week:

30-day volatility has risen

Source: Bloomberg. Bitcoin realised volatility over 30 days since 2013.

Bitcoin was extended from the trend

Source: Bloomberg. Bitcoin deviation from the 30-day moving average since 2013.


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