It is Safer to Hold Some Bitcoin Than None at all

ByteTree Market Health Update; Issue 47

Non-Fungible Tokens

A non-fungible-token, or NFT, is a token that represents a unique asset. NFT holders have strong digital ownership of these individual assets, and this ownership generates value for investors. This article will help readers to understand why NFTs are beneficial to investors and evaluate the variety of asset opportunities in the ecosystem.

How do NFTs Generate Value?

It is worth noting that there are different types of NFTs, and the main two, art and game NFTs, generate value in different ways. Overall, immortality generates value for all NFTs. Game NFTs such as CryptoKitties generate value through the journey of the individual NFT and the secondary market that the platform interacts with. Game NFTs can also generate value through the utility they offer, for example, Axie Infinity allows holders of their in-game ‘monsters’ to compete against other players in a turn-based game with the hope of being rewarded with DAI.

Network Demand Model

The score has surged back to a 5 from a 3, with just velocity remaining somewhat weak. The score never saw a 2, and in fact, it didn’t even come close when you look at the underlying signals. That means the ByteTree Network Demand Strategy has remained “on”.

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