Bitcoin Overtakes the FAANGs in 2020

ByteTree Market Health Update; Issue 50

Bitcoin overtakes the FAANGs in 2020

Source: Bloomberg. Bitcoin and FAANGs 2020 year to date rebased.

Bitcoin leadership over the Nasdaq is convincing

Source: Bloomberg. Bitcoin relative to the NASDAQ since 2018.

Bitcoin is less volatile than the FAANGs

Source: Bloomberg. 90-day realised volatility of securities as shown since 2018.

All great assets are volatile in their youth

Source: Bloomberg. 360-day realised volatility of securities as shown since 1996.

The best is yet to come

You might like to hear a refreshing view on Bitcoin by the CEO of ByteTree Asset Management (BTAM), Charlie Erith. He’s the other Charlie, and I have known him for at least 15 years. His background is two, or probably three decades of hard graft in broking Asian equities, followed by a successful stint in fund management. He is brilliant, and I am delighted that he agreed to head up BTAM.

Network Demand Strategy

The network demand strategy score remains at 5 out of 6, which is in line with last week. That points towards a continued bull market.

A final note

Last week I highlighted that despite the bullish consensus view, the on-chain metrics suggested that the Bitcoin price was ahead of events. I am definitely not the type to quash a party, but a short-term price surge remains unlikely, despite the bullish consensus. I reiterate that the price is overbought, and the 5-week NVT (5 wk) remains high. You can read more about that in last week’s post or see the live data on our site.

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