Bitcoin ETF Investors Buy the Dip

This past year has seen $9.3bn invested in Bitcoin via the ETFs (and funds), and they now collectively own 809,105 BTC between them. That is 4.7% of the known active total Bitcoin supply and has become the single most important, measurable source of demand.

Source: ByteTree Asset Management.
Source: ByteTree Asset Management.

It’s all ETFs now

The other point I’d like to make about the fund universe is how closed-ended funds have rapidly morphed into ETFs. The latest example comes from 3iQ (QBTC).

Source: ByteTree Asset Management.

Bitcoin still doubling

Source: Bloomberg. Bitcoin since 2013 with regression lines log scale.
Source: ByteTree Terminal. ByteTree Fair Value vs Bitcoin Price, shown over the past 52 weeks.

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