I always enjoy Coinbase (COIN US) results as they give a good insight into the digital asset space.

Of $255 billion in assets on the platform, Q3 revenue came in at $1,234 million on customer assets. Not too shabby. They’ve hired 600 people in Q3 and now have a team…

“I would take the gold…I would like to sprinkle a little bit of bitcoin into that mix too.”

Speaking at the Future Investment Initiative Forum in Riyadh, when asked about what they would choose between dollars, some gold, or bitcoin to “put under your bed for a rainy day?”

It's a shame that smaller on-chain data, metrics, and research providers are rarely covered. We track over 120 on-chain metrics for Bitcoin alone on terminal.bytetree.com - majority of which are free to view (updated in real-time, no time lag). Our data is extracted independently and directly from the blockchain to ensure quality and a focus on real economic value. We also publish new research every week based on our data-observations. With our origins dating back to 2013, we have a lot of experience in crypto that we would like to share with the space, with plenty to come in the future.

As a slight change to the regular schedule, this week’s newsletter edition shines a spotlight on the success of ByteTree’s Token Takeaway. We started this Premium series in June 2021, intending to highlight alpha generating investments for our readership. …

Some advocates are blind to the fact that bitcoin remains a risk-on asset, despite it being the blindingly obvious. Yet again, when the stockmarket sneezes, bitcoin catches a cold.

This latest selloff was triggered by the Evergrande debacle. The company has huge liabilities and massive exposure to global urban real…


Applied data for digital asset investors. ByteTree provides real-time data, fundamentals, technical and deep blockchain market analysis for Bitcoin, and more.

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